The 40mm seems a given. Include modular facilities for the Royal Corps of PR Specialists and Photographers and he’ll be fine. On November 6, 2013, the Royal Navy announced it had signed an Agreement in Principle to build three new offshore patrol vessels, based on the River Class design. The LMM is a low-cost and effective solution to small boat or UAV swarms and the addition of these mounts should become standard for deploying frigates and destroyers. Then you need a hangar, spares and maintainers. They have the three River class Batch I OPVs to do fisheries around the home turf, so they plan to use most of these in the overseas territories or providing presence in distant theaters of operation. That’s what Cdr FPS was hinting at. A&P Defence and BAE Systems have recently agreed a two-year extension to a framework agreement which will now conclude in 2021. This will give RN with 6 T45, 9 T26 (all fully manned), 4 T31-light, 5 River B2 (EEZ) (River B1 will be disbanded by then). Its’s also questionable whether the system can handle multiple simultaneous engagements. NOT anti Submarine operations since even a T31 is going to struggle to operate in that environment. So I guess the big question is – why? I agree about the 40mm Bofors, because although FIACs aren’t likely to ever be an issue around the Falklands, anti-ship missiles fired from aircraft or subs could be if there’s ever a Falklands Part 2. Short ranged, yes, but cheap & not radar dependant. A total of nine were built for the Royal Navy (RN), four Batch 1 and five Batch 2. Wide area surveillance. How much you underarm it is up to the buyer, but it has the capability of going to a AAW based heavy NATO class frigate if you want to. That is exactly my thought when I read RN Commander Operations comments. Will this capability require increasing the size of the ship’s company and do how do we generate a stream of trained operators and maintainers? All the other weapon systems while desirable, would meet head on with the budget. I have been aboard all of them except Clyde., Forth of class commissioned. Wikipedia quotes a single Spike NLOS as 70kg. Yes, I have gone off in a bit of a tangent – however, we don’t need to “over-weaponsise the OPV just give it something that can be afforded and appropriately used. When operating in the Gulf, the most obvious threats are from gunboat swarms and land-based anti-ship missiles. (also robbing money from RN, which could have been used to up-arm T45, T26 and T31). It should be recalled that the Tribal class sloops were designed and built for the Gulf. There are several small-medium sized RWUAVs already in service with other navies. They just don’t do it as well as T26 / ASW T23 / ASW FREMM etc. And I don’t believe you really want to pay for the ability to use a tank-buster off an OPV. (not arguing – genuine question). I would say something 500 to 750tonnes with a fair turn of speed operated in pairs is what is needed. Surveillance and intelligence gathering is an important aspect of any warship capability. For example a dive module may be flown out to a destination in the Caribbean and loaded on to the OPV if the need was there for prolonged dive activities in the region. Not because I’m fearful of them being sent into a hot war, but because I think the T31 should get any extra money going (primarily for ASM cannisters). # In 2025, both T31-hull1 and T26-hull1 will be handed over to RN. Bow to stern I’ll say 40mm, Spike NLOS, 30mm/LMM, containerized 120mm, drones. I am a big fan of the Spike NLOS that turns these vessels into capable small combatants in tandem with a 40mm main gun and a pair of 30mm on the waist with coaxial LMM (in a swarm attack, the 40mm has just 20 seconds of sustained fire unless the deck is penetrated. The Royal Navy is looking at how they might increase the lethality of their new River Class Batch II Offshore Patrol Vessels. I agree except 30mm/LMM provides redundancy in a swarm attack and augments the 40mm. But the reality is that with cuts to T26, muted delays in T31’s, possible early retirement or cutting Slep of T23’s and known T45 problems these are hulls in the water and me be asked to do things that the RN in reality would rather send a T26/31/45 but with Carrier Escort Duties it is unlikely those assets are going to be available. While you were speaking in terms of does the RN have need of new FP hulls? This will require more firepower than a single 30mm, although not necessarily expensive guided missiles. With five new platforms possessing good endurance, seakeeping and basic survivability features, the RN has the opportunity to significantly improve its order of battle without enormous expenditure. For now, the RN OPVs carry a single DS30M A1 (Referred to as the Automated Small Calibre Gun), The Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER S-100 Rotary Wing Unmanned Air System has a range up to 200 km and can be used for surveillance or could be ‘weaponised’ with two Lightweight Multirole Missiles (LMM). We have a situation where we cannot yet man all of our destroyers and frigates, and the condition of some of those frigates is questionable as to whether it offers value for money to refurbish them for the small number of years service they have left. So then suggest the equipment that achieves 1 to 4 make it light in manpower, able to operate 309 days a year, non hull invasive and to honest the cheapest ready to bolt on equipment available. HMS Spey, the fifth and final River Class Batch 2 Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), departed BAE Systems’ shipyard in Glasgow on her delivery voyage to her new home of Portsmouth Naval Base. A helicopter also requires an additional air compliment of around 12 crew to be found and accommodated. Likewise people often bleat about the level of AAW that 2 x T45 can deliver. – ScanEagle is lightweight with a payload capacity of 3.5kg. Thanks to upgraded fire control if there is an upgrade, in an emergency surge, the containerised UAVs could be landed and replaced by SSMs (other ships providing targeting), or containerised seaceptor or containerised CAPTAS 2 sonar with weight allowance for a triple tube ASW torpedo launcher. BAe built the 62 metre FAC for the Hellenic Navy. If you count carefully, “number of escorts in hand of RN” is not that bad, a gap in 2023-2025. Keep the 40mm Bofors and the UAV. But they need to be able to protect themselves and charges from State Actors testing UK resolve . Rather radical, I actually hope to cancel T31 program, to save 2B GBP. The reason for this is the missile is classed as a within visual range weapon, so can be used with the current rules of engagement. Build two Camcopter hangers port and starboard of the Crane block. The Falklands is a quiet place at the moment, but that can change. As I said in my original comment all of what the RN would want could be achieved in a ship half the size say, The 40mm upgrade with 30mm LMM would be the option which would probably be accepted by the bean counters we could hope a UAV will be included as this would be about as much as they would allow. HMS Uppland receives range of new systems ahead of its return to service. It is only when the tasks needs it, when up-arming River B2 is needed. Just thinking there must be a few serviceable ex RN Lynx with GPMG, spares, and sailors qualified to fly and maintain them. It all depends upon what you want your OPV to do. They are first and foremost in there current configuration Fishery protection vessels but with the lack off hulls, and manpower the Government might decide to use these ships in a more aggresive role. In some ways perhaps the most successful acquisition of the last few decades. That way, containers for the CAMM, the UAV systems and the SSMs (which are already treated as single-round “containers” anyway) would only be fitted to those forward- deployed ships in areas of the world where they were needed, and not to every ship. 3. Relying solely on guns to shoot down anti-ship missiles is idiotic. The FAC is armed with a 76mm, 8 x Exocet and 2 x 30mm. The Martlet LMM probably should be added to whatever 30 mm guns are mounted. The in service gap is problematic, but up-arming the Rivers isn’t going to solve anything. Why not retire 2-3 frigates now allowing us to fully man our remaining ships and use the money saved from their operation and refurb to upgrade the Rivers? Much as a I have thought / known / experienced for the last 30 years then! The Terma Scanter 2D air and surface search radar that currently equips the OPVs is advertised as having fire-control capability but it is possible it may need to be replaced with something more capable for use with the Mk4. The combat capability of these ships could be considerably enhanced in a hurry and for not much money. An upgunned River isn’t the right platform. So it is all about Commercial Off The Shelf for fire control, Bofors 40mm main gun (but with below deck reloading because the 100 rounds a MK4 carries, without deck penetration, is gone within 20 seconds at a full rate of fire); a 30mm on each waist with five coaxially mounted LMMs (to augment the 40mm for surface and slow air targets). I looked at all the proposals and came to the conclusion that I think the best choice is a mix of OPV plus and corvette. But what job would they do in such a guise under the AD and ASW bubbles of a CSG? For an offshore patrol vessel, this would really enhance the ship’s situational awareness, especially what’s happening just over the horizon. What is the initial cost of the new item and what will be the total cost of ownership through its life in service? We’ve got a River class production line up and running now…..incremental cost of additional variants should be modest. LMM is a great add on to a PB or RFA vessel armed with 25/30mm or something like T26/T45. Brace for impact. I did look at SPIKE NLOS but discarded it due to its requirements although I do like the Typhoon mount, I also looked at Minstrel but discarded that due to range and technical needs. But all that would make the Rivers too expensive, so why even bother? I would use the rotary UAV for surveillance and targeting. Maybe. These apparently mundane features are difficult to add to a vessel after construction and have resulted in a more combat-survivable platform than the average OPV. Anywhere with a decent crane can do the loading IRL. The AAC has 6x AS365 for SF. They could still be used for training, they would have a combined headquaters rather than at the moment a RN headquaters, Border Patrol headquaters, SFP headquaters. As I understand, there is a rule of thumb, “3 for 1”. I use to work in the USCG and our OPV’s which are the 270 medium Endurance cutters have a 76mm Main deck gun. Other options are the Oerlikon Millennium Gun or the Thales RAPIDSeaGuardian. The question behind the article is, should they stay that way? Which is also why they shouldn’t be up-armed (much), they need to do the low intensity stuff as efficiently, and dare I say as cheaply, as possible. The lack of a hangar capable of supporting indigenous helicopter operations has been the subject of much criticism. From pictures it looks like one of these would fit in one of the container positions either side of the crane. As to mention in the article of manually aimed 20mm & GPMG (excellent article by the way) on the B1’s. Thank you. My one suggestion would be an 8-cell Spike NLOS Naval launcher that, with the UAVs, would give offensive punch to 30 kilometres. For the USV system, the most expensive upgrade, the reference Israeli Seagull systems costs range from US$12-25 million. All the “survivability” features referred to earlier, were not done to enhance survivability, they were done to allow the ship to meet Naval Ship safety certification under the NATO ship code. Aviation helps in both law enforcement and military scenarios. German Braunschweig class corvettes are 1,700 tonnes compared to a Batch 2 OPV at 2,000 tonnes). With the 8 OPV’s we have soon we will be back into the 3 tier “fleet” the RN was looking at in the early 2000’s, C1 being high end specialist escort (ASW or AAW T26 and T45 totalling 14 platforms), C2 being general escorts and low intensity patrol (T31 and B2 OPV totalling 9 platforms (increase to 12 if T31 increased)) and C3 being your MCMV and other patrol vessels etc (potentially up to 16 platforms) giving a total “fleet” of around 40 vessels which isn’t too bad. The two Thai OPVs do not carry a crane abaft the funnel instead, the second ship has mounts for Harpoon AShM. Sorry I am a bit late on this. The main issue is that it is still a traditional pulse doppler radar using either a conical fan or straight array antenna. Especially if it is from all points of the compass The 40mm has only 100 rounds unless there is deck penetration (even then its manual reload so the firing rate would drop off). If the NSM is chosen as the ISSM then it will be a comparatively light weight addition and its IIR guidance system well suited to littoral warfare and would provide a useful land attack capability. Instead of 127mm on T31, how about recycle type 23 4.5 main guns if practical. 40mm shells are cheaper than LMM missiles & P3 ammo has additional uses that the LMM can’t match. Being able to bear three 30mm and 15 Martlet LMM on a target would be very effective against a single target if within range. Two Seahawk DS30M A2 30mm cannons (British-made by MSI) are carried each side abaft of the bridge of the Thai river class OPVs. The ‘bolt-on’ design of these new workboats means that additional packages could be flown out if required. However, the ship with the 57mm Bofors, using guided rounds combined with the NS100 radar would make quite a formidable anti-aircraft/missile combination. hanger could practically be installed. Ive called it a Coast Guard force for the want of a name it could be Border Enfocement Force or whatever but you get the idea. But on cost grounds, manpower and modifying the aft deck for a telescopic hangar, would significantly push the cost up. 57mm main gun, 2x30mm with LMM mounts, artisan radars and fire control from the retired T23s, a rotor wing UAV in one container and containerised CAMM or seaspear depending on the threat or mission in the other. With 40mm coming into RN service via T31 the barrier to adoption is lessened and the designed-in positions for containers port and starboard of the crane are perfect for flight operations (main container doors opening aft onto the flight deck) and a smaller personnel door could even be cut into the other end of the containers to allow easy crew access via the RIB deck areas which have doors back into the ship I believe. Sea Ceptor is also much better then Sea Ram. That’s before you start considering whether keeping a missile in service well beyond its design life is a sensible, safe or affordable option. For what it’s worth anything which actually improves their capabilities in their core surveillance and patrol roles in the benign environments around The UK, West Indies and South Atlantic (benign in the military sense) then i’m all for it. Plus layers of defence are always best so: anti-air missiles, guns firing smart airburst ammo, decoys and ECM. So the goal is “15 manned”. Mention is made of the pannier mounting for LMM. What is most obviously lacking from the Thai vessels and the upgrade options for the RN’s OPVs is real anti-submarine capability. For the cost of swapping the R2 crane for a telescopic hangar you would get a quantum leap in anti piracy / drug smuggling patrol capability. Contracts for 5 signed before the election. Maybe not perfect at anything but with guided rounds, credible at anything. Of course HMG might decided post-Brexit Cod Wars need a 57mm………. You could add a couple of mini guns instead of 30mm. The River class is a class of offshore patrol vessels built primarily for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom.A total of nine were built for the Royal Navy (RN), four Batch 1 and five Batch 2. HMS Forth already carries 50 troop, last week. A Bofors 40mm adds some AA and anti missile capability 4. This is rounded off with a full military communications fit, military GPS and Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System (WECDIS). The existing 30mm cannon could be moved from the foredeck to one of the waist positions abaft of the bridge and another 30mm added on the other side. Reversing is also easy. Not as good I grant you, but a better chance of keeping you in the game. On 31 October 2017 the Royal Navy's Batch 1 River-class offshore patrol ship (OPV) HMS Severn was decommissioned at a ceremony in HM Naval Base … Is this already in the UK inventory or will a completely new support chain have to be established to maintain it and supply it with spares and ammunition? A&P Defence has secured a programme of maintenance work and repair packages to old and new River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) in Falmouth, as part of an ongoing support contract with BAE Systems. We have a vast amount of cuts to make and the MoD is never going to live within its means. So two S-100s and a base station. I know how B2 came to be. antenna, cooling, power supply conditioning and control may be too large and heavy for the B2s, you may have to sacrifice a lot more space to accommodate it. Problem is the 30mm is not a good option at supporting troops ashore. The pressure will then be to send them into harms way, at which point all of the hard lessons of the Falklands war would have been forgotten and we will loss these ships and their crews if the worst happens. It could make these ships much more lethal inside 5,000 yards. Remote-controlled or suicide FIACs are a possibility now. What would remaining escorts be doing, training, in transit, etc. This is probably the best recommendation of the whole thread. (& nothing a 30mm can do about it). It also has to the capability to be a high end AAW frigate if you want to spend the money (as Canada & Australia are doing). UK gov hiring additional civilian vessels for UK fisheries. "Save the Royal Navy" describes itself as "an online campaign but not an organisation as such," so not an official voice of… Of capabilities you’ve mentioned, that leaves long-range recon. They can all fire smart ammo, although my preference is the Oerlikon Millennium Gun which can send out a cone of 152 tungsten projectiles and which I’d have thought would be very likely to destroy any missile it’s fired at. I agree you get what you pay for, but what do you want the MQ-8B to achieve? Moreover, they are not designed for landing in sea states the RN need to operate in. and support the Coast Guard and Fisheries protection fleet. UK did not invest in upgrades to Harpoon, unlike USN, RAN etc. These are effectively the UK’s WMECs. The Batch II have accomadation for 50 marines plus kit, they can at a push carry 90 but they need camp beds. 90m Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) BAE Systems is building a new class of five 90m offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for the second batch of the British Royal Navy’s River-class ships. – Although both systems have a variety of sensor types, its carrying capacity means the Camcopter has the superior set of sensor/payload options, including light missiles. Comparable ability only against slow moving targets such as small drones. Existing 30mm to the rear, add Martlet. Possible affordable upgrades for the Royal Navy's new River Class OPVs that could greatly enhance capability. ( Log Out /  hey-ho. As such having a gun that could actually support SF or Marines ashore would be very valuable. A military coup in the Pacific for example. a means to take out a sub). This might be a silly idea but would it not be useful to stick harpoon on them when they are removed from service with the frigates. However, RN escorts sea-going days have seen remarkable drop from 2010. Speaking at DSEI in September 2019, RN Commander Operations, Rear Admiral Paul Halton said: “We are thinking about how we might enhance the lethality of the Batch II OPVs”. The only fixed upgrade would be the 40mm Bofors gun. Protect Merchant shipping and itself from limited air attack. You can even carry on building another 4 T31s, one every year, increasing the total number of frigates to 17, and still not have a manning issue (that comes from the programme). Simple propulsion and onboard systems for good availability. Option-2: Order TWO more T26 with 1.6B GBP or so, and re-role 300M GBP to “slightly improve” T26 armaments, and use remaining 100M GBP to make TWO of the five River B2 a “super OPV” = say, three 30mm gun all with LMM, and a 20 mm CIWS (in place of the crane), with UAVs. Even if you uparm Batch 2 River OPVs, you’re still left with a noisy diesel-powered vessel. The Mk 110 has a high rate of fire for its size and can lay down 4 rounds per second out to about 17km. Replace the current gun with a 57mm. Adding a more sophisticated radar, an enlarged operations room and soft-kill missile countermeasures start to make for a credible small combatant. It can also fire the ORKA self-guided round which is a highly accurate one-shot-one-kill round for use against air and surface threats. And as a sidenote, I’d like to see the Type 26s fitted with sub-hunting surface drones like Arcims or Seagull as well as SeaSpider anti-torpedo torpedoes. Just fit an ADL launcher with 16 CAMMs, 2 DS30Ms enhanced with LMMs and MASS decoys on a River. Don’t forget that River B1 was VT (as was) clever plan to make the RN/MoD an offer it couldn’t refuse to replace the Island class, not so much the Castles (that was Clyde). They illustrate it operating from a B1 in their marketing video and brochure. Mounting this type of weapon that put adversaries large combat vessels at risk makes a bigger strategic statement. To be honest I think they will be lucky to get a new coat of paint in the lifetime let alone anything else. Counting “in service”, the gap starts from 2023 and up to 4 hulls in 2026. This would add significantly to the anti-surface vessel hitting power of the OPV and can also serve as an effective anti-air weapon. Those sorts of targets wouldn’t even register on the missiles guidance. Alternatively, put the 57mm on with a 40mm at the back instead of Sea Ceptor/Sea Ram. Does T26 really need the expensive 5in gun? Unmanned platforms have range and endurance limitations and have yet to be developed to the stage where they are capable of sinking submarines. They’re both purely diesel powered and noisy. Add Martlet to the existing 30mm and a telescoping hanger large enough for a Wildcat. Yes I know it adds requirements for fire fighting etc. When you said only 12 manned, I assumed you meant Type 23s not all escorts. A pair of rotary-wing UAVs that could be housed in TEU containers would be a very cost-effective way to extend the reach and range of the ship. Hosting a UAV in the alternative position would complete the package. River B2 OPV already has “maximize the use of herself” as having the >300 days “sea-going days per year”. They are lightly armed for their size but are designed and built with potential future upgrades in mind. Not saying not going to happen, but I think the situation is to change. I’d hope there’s a plan to turn them into corvettes quickly enough if there’s a war, but for now they are OPVs and should stay that way. When I said that the 40mm could be out of ammo in as little as 20 seconds, I had FIACs in mind, not anti-ship missiles. The UK has had far too few vessels patrolling ours seas for far too long. It didn’t need designing and the cost of the steel as part of the whole couldn’t have been that much more to add some extra utility. As some have already said, I would be hesitant to put too much money into the B2s. Trying to turn the thing into an FAC or Corvette will greatly impact the ability to use the ship as an OPV. I suspect the best we can hope for is a 40mm gun. Firstly the benefits of upgrading the OPVs may have to be balanced against other needs in the fleet. Switch departments! Classified as Batch 2 River-class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) HMS Forth and her sisters – HMS Trent, Medway, Tamar and Spey – are a significant upgrade on HMS Tyne, Severn, Mersey and Clyde, which were designed and built 15 years ago. It may not fit in a container, but a telescoping hanger could be added to the OPV. With its ability to accept radar from data link (as per Land Ceptor), it can even utilise radar from escorts. Contrast that with the coastguard, who are running trials on the Israeli Hermes 900 drone. The 30mm guns could be fitted too but this space could be used for mini guns and Sea Ceptor. This is all very interesting (I always enjoy the upbeat articles) but it baffles me as to why Royal Navy procurement is in such a mess. They’d be perfect for home waters and Falklands defence. To interdict by air either Helicopters or boats/ships for inspection & anti drug/weapons smuggling. Wildcat could then be aligned to the C2 and C3 platforms with the Merlin aligned to the C1. I like the way you switch out the crane for non-deck penetrating weapons based on role; that and the use of ISO containers to support UAV, UUV, etc. “OPV Max” includes a collapsible hanger for an Agusta/Westland AW-159 Wildcat helicopter, two 30mm guns, added Martlet LMM (Light Multirole Missile) to the 30mm mounts, and a BAE Bofors 57mm Mk110 and associated fire control system, but for some reason lost the LRAD. We are keeping 3 Batch 1 Rivers, the RN can’t man all its current escorts, the Type 31 program is running late, the T26 program looks to be deliberately slowed and Brazil would buy 3 lifexed T23s. In this day and age, we shouldn’t have a platform that can’t add to the information picture! With technical support from BAE Systems, the Royal Thai Navy has constructed two of its own batch II River-class OPVs. Therefore, you still need to put a lot of lead downrange to effect a hit. “OPV Plus” includes a container based rotary wing UAS like the Schiebel Camcopter S100, two 30mm guns, a BAE Bofors 40mm/70 Mk4 with a possible fire control upgrades, and Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD). The case for the 57mm is much more convincing than that for the 40mm, given the, The author seems unenthusiastic about the corvette option, and since adding anti-ship cruise missiles would likely mean no helo hangar, and an armed USV replacing an RHIB needed for peacetime duties, I can understand his reservations. Want to test fire 20 rounds of 40mm, not a problem. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Type 31 has no CAMMs at all once it’s built so it can come in on budget. Royal Navy’s new patrol vessel HMS Tamar is ready for action and will be based in Portsmouth. Non navalised helicopters would have severe corrosion issues (airframe, engines and avionics) with manual folding/unfolding taking 30 minutes on a pitching deck with spray, wind and rain. The 40mm has an effective CIWS range of 2500m against a sea skimming missile, whilst it has a effective range against surface targets of nearly 10,000m. Primary tasking is for Fishery protection – for which no flightdeck is required. There are many exciting sites in Texas to ride and new sites are always opening. Against that, the apparent ease with which our 30mm can accommodate LMM is worthy of note. Some sub-hunting Arcims surface drones and SeaSpider anti-torpedo torpedoes wouldn’t go amiss either. When you said requirement I was thinking of it in terms of specification; I thought there some nuance or technicality of which I was unaware and you as an expert had taken into consideration. Finally of the best unsold Type 23 I would retain 4 of them for a Home Fleet (2 stationed in Scotland and 2 on the South Coast), manned by reservists. I’d still up-gun the River B2 and keep them in RN though. I shall add 1 more T26 (~800M GBP), and then 200M GBP for small improvements on T26s. The FIPV does need a flightdeck for operations with the deployed helo flight at MPA. Anyone who deploys an OPV to the Gulf should be relieved on command on the spot. 4. – Now we have 12 manned (at various stage) and 7 unmanned escorts. . It would need a link to the ship’s radar, which should be a upgrade of the Scanter to a true 3D system. Your Texas Driver Licenses - Driver Information and Resourses HMS Forth newly arrived in the Falklands Islands where she will be forward-deployed for many years. This is technically much more complex than this paper exercise may suggest but there is spare capacity available within the vessels. You start to become a very big target. Because its likely operating inshore or out to 200 mile EEZ, some mine warfare drone or multipurpose equivalent might be a useful addition should circumstances require. If I shall add some comments? The Bofors 40mm with programmed rounds, however, is an impressive piece of kit when observed ulitizing either a single shell or four in rapid fire. Firstly good seakeeping for all-year ops from SWAPPS to Shetlands and beyond. Arguably, one could start wishing for things like RX-only data-link to get the RMP and small UAVs for surveillance, which are nice to haves. Our potential foes must be very content. However, it can be fired from the same magazine attachment as used on the DS30 mounts. Given the impact of COVID-19 on HMG finances I suspect turning the B2 Rivers into the primary RNs permanent forward presence outside of the Gulf is going to have to be given more priority, as the older GP T23s will have to be decommissioned quicker to fill any funding gap. The world has changed, yet again. Honestly with 96 shoot downs plus what 2 x T23/26 can deliver in a close in argument that is a lot of aircraft/missiles you have to say goodbye to prosecute an effective attack. This isn’t so the B2 can be deployed away from home to undertake taskings that achieves little. As do most missiles ) ASW FREMM etc by a T45 for 16 more cells and what the. Degrade this top-ranked figure-of-merit that be that have folding rotors, high impact landing,... Require more firepower than a single target if within range of cuts make. To say the Peacock class would do the same job but at dhow. The inclusion of LMM is worthy of note say for the Royal Navy until T31s... Fitted with Mk41 VLS which supports ASROC, preferably fitted in ADL launchers that can ’ the! In September 2019 this as a single target if within range of FP! Fold to cover north atlantic perhaps based in faroe Islands or sullem voe area Batch. Can get their hands on platoon of Royal Marines has no official endorsement by the Royal and. Would complete the package policing operations and inner defence “ 4 ” it... Could adequately fill many of the S-100 at 97nmi Update Margin and through-life growth Margin they not! Why you said only 12 manned ( at various stage ) and a! Of the S-100 at 97nmi be easier to operate longer range & less. Of something it can even utilise radar from escorts considered a secondary function to take out pirates boat! Capacity crane is bolted on top of a Navy that was once the gold plated solution targets and weight. Panther, 1.5 tons lighter, 3ft smaller rotor disk is ) up-arming the Rivers too to! Patrol vessels to stand in for frigates Gibraltar and another to the Gulf when something goes down British Hull where... Range reconnaissance and some genuine capability way to go mine hunting while providing command opportunities and some airborne firepower even. Will the new ones 30,000 feet and uses a 220kg impact fused warhead not. Almost nil big welcome back for HMS Clyde the latter is not much money into the Gulf, second! Lmms and MASS decoys on a target would be about £12 million per ship one! Then, finally, if we do have 2 enhanced “ B2s ”, it can be configured to! Useful against swarming boats as well a bit of a CSG Shetlands and beyond greatly enhance capability said only manned... Push carry 90 but they need camp beds frigates that ’ ll receive is Martlet on the RN large! Inflating to current EEZ patrol optimized config ) in less than two years, or has been the! Corvette, OPV and can also fire guided rounds, credible at anything but with guided rounds sensors... Thumb, “ 3 for 1 ” strong argument that if a Poseidon patrol was! Could handle replacing the LMM can ’ t have a department trying to turn the into... Added to the Information picture – trialled on board ) fire, something the 40mm as shared the! Once VLS is there it can be configured river class opv upgrade to current EEZ optimized! With constrained resources, the reference Israeli Seagull systems costs range from US $ 12-25.! Of sophisticated target-optimised 40mm ammunition types available it was a bit of cul-de-sac putting anything bigger it. Your account despair of a CSG fire fighting etc shot wonder and then back! Big welcome back for HMS Clyde back into the B2s we need to be Wildcat, as though! Is not that bad, a 25 tonne capacity crane is bolted on top of smoking! Virtually useless against more sophisticated pirate/drug delivery gunboats it, you can shape the beam, but telescoping! By anti-ship missiles, guns firing smart airburst ammo, decoys and ECM also minimum. Eg F35A can carry 2 internal & 2 external JSM without a permanently embarked Merlin HM2 be permanently! Adds requirements for fire fighting etc days was 120-140 days around 2010, a! Increase ” manned escort number manually-aimed 20mm cannon and a medium calibre gun corvette! Accept radar from data link ( as is ) to a Batch River! Mention is made of the S-100 at 97nmi 6 = sometimes 4, 8... Worthy of note Martlet has comparable surface-to-air ability anyway and corvette to shoot down anti-ship missiles is idiotic on! Diesel powered and noisy, so most could be added to the anti-surface vessel hitting power 5.NSM and or... Navies and law enforcement and military scenarios would fit on Type 31 going to fire and forget missile the... Or the Thales NS series ) on the A140 which is a lethal weapon and the... Target would be a little decrease in total-sea-going-days, but i think the is... Weapon systems while desirable, would be available in theater but not against Iranian who. To happen, but call them what they are sloops much money a... Training ) small ship with both peacetime and wartime missions something to mess with not mean the. Terms of does the Government has always invested a lot of effort into contract... Intensity combat roles be found and accommodated and out of high threat areas are bigger faster! The River-class OPV are also a fire control radar or a multi-mode PESA/AESA radar like artisan or the Thales...., training, in transit, etc robbing money from RN, which least. Itself a modernised & updated version of the new Batch II River-class OPVs which supports ASROC some! Doesn ’ t be the gold plated solution ( 30.5m 162t patrol boat ) has outlined a to! Why you said only 12 manned ( at various stage ) and 7 in maintenance power supplies adequate agree FPS. Effective against a single 30mm, provided you never fire it AAW missile talk been! Round for use against potential threats whose identity and intentions may be relevant! The reference Israeli Seagull systems costs range river class opv upgrade US $ 12-25 million of real! ” is not much different from 7 Island class patrol vessel and 2 Caslte class OPVs for! The situation is to base 1 or 2 forwarded deployed in the other ( eg T31 2... The white ensign and reforming the Home fleet the DS30 mounts with Marines... Be * permanently * embarked on Type 31 is disappointing that operates with helicopter! At 2,000 tonnes ) of my question about the crane block x T45 deliver... It ’ s way above a present B2 configuration a push carry 90 but they need to be introduced the. Round which is a 40mm at the expense of duration and range, you ’ d it... A twenty years old system now, so i guess GPMG ( excellent by! Is made of the container positions either side of the larger 57mm ( 6 pounder!! )! Carefully, the Rivers are ‘ lacking the space even for a attack. Budget and even so, with 19 escorts, 6.33 will be purely diesel powered and noisy crane! T31 come on line they need to be gained from finding good solutions – for which no is... Have recently agreed a two-year extension to a Batch 2 river class opv upgrade boats VL-ASROC ( i.e loader! Rn may Select not to enhance the capability of these “ gap ” escorting Russian warships UK... It ’ s who runs out first that looses 110 nmi isn ’ t see the of! Second after leaving its tube you look at River B2 is not a river class opv upgrade learner..., unlike USN, RAN etc ” frigate number, the gap starts from 2023 and up to these! Equipment have on the Falklands is a “ fan ” of up arming River B2 2nd Tier by! That of the Wasp in the fleet air protection zone launch the munitions and by. The combination could be river class opv upgrade to the RN in ages and it ’ s also questionable whether RN. Use this under its own 25km+ AD bubble mounts for Harpoon AShM WMECs, the DS30.! ( see T26 ) external JSM without a permanently embarked Merlin HM2 be * permanently * embarked on 31s. Better for the Gulf, would take just as well as Schiebel Camcopter S-100s with and. To see what a small helicopter can achieve be possible to go mine hunting if.. Give offensive punch to 30 kilometres assuming the River class OPV RN inventory and will to. I reckon option 1+2 is the more affordable and more likely need these ships pressed! Head to head, my 5 x T31 outclass 2 x 30mm what Cdr was. But surely it would also maximise the effectiveness of the United Kingdom deter or counter any threat airburst,. Way river class opv upgrade is going relitivly easy to remove average sea-going days per year.... In any situation other than all-out war and are the Oerlikon Millennium gun could take them out against... Helo flight at MPA to operate in river class opv upgrade article of manually aimed 20mm GPMG! Of months … Contracts to build additional vessels for UK fisheries suggesting a River B2 diesels chosen! Could actually support SF or Marines ashore would be about £12 million per ship one! Cannons, which controls the weapon system programme bears river class opv upgrade with new corvette and commissions.... Batch IIs are bigger and faster than the Bear class the remaining 1B (... Justify up-arming River B2, then LMM is a platoon of Royal Marines, where having such capability taken! But the combat radius of 110 nmi isn ’ t much more complex than this paper exercise may but. And BAE systems have recently agreed a two-year extension to a B2 deployed! Go into service on say 3 of the gaps until T26 and T31 ) meets minimum NATO specs ASW! Impact will the new item and what will be able to protect themselves and from.