Unfortunately service ventilation components in your car can be very difficult as they are all located under and behind your dash so they require the removal of a significant amount of your trim, dash and duct work to get to. If you can, try removing those controls and look for burnt or blackened wires. Worst case, your blower motor itself actually went bad, but that is very unusual. When the relay stops working, the vents no longer receive the power they need to operate. The last day or two neither has helped the air blow. Red Angel A/C Stop Leak and Conditioner is a powerful leak stopping agent that will not harm or clog any of the components in your system and will remain inert in the system until it reaches the leak. Turn A/c on thermostat with auto fan, A/C kicks on but there is no air blowing through vents, yet if Heat is turned on than there is air blowing through. If you find an area of burnt wire and have the patience, simply remove all the burnt wire and replacing it with the same gauge wire. Thanks, Jim. A system that won’t hold 5 inches of vacuum on the low side for 25 minutes has a leak that may be too large to be sealed and will need a hard part repair. Thanks, Nick. We would recommend having these plastic tubes inspected and replaced if necessary. A side effect of a broken fan is that the evaporator coils can frost over without the necessary air … I own a 1997 E320 Mercedes Benz Where can i find the blower motor or fan for my ac? Most major auto parts stores carry a wide variety of cabin air filters for most vehicles and may even help you install it. Nonfunctioning or damaged blower motor: A blower motor is the motor that sends the air through the vents in your car. Was the A/C system recharged to the full level? Most likely one of the 2 will be the culprit and the problem can be fixed by addressing them. What do you think the cause of this is? Fan works at all speeds and the heater works. This problem has to do with your air conditioning system itself. I have a 2010 mercury Milan. It would be a surprising coincidence, but if your AC condenser was clogged or the fans were broken and your water pump was maulfunctioning or you were very low on coolant all at the same time it could possibly cause the problem you’re having so it may be worth checking your AC fans, coolant level and watching your engine’s temperature gauge while you’re idling. Either way, when you find your air conditioner not blowing air or not turning on, it can be extremely frustrating. When you’re replacing the fan motor, make sure that drain hose is free and clear to drain any condensate water out of your car. There is an electric fan controlled by your fan switch that blows air through your ventilation system in your car. So the blower works just not when the A/C is on. Once the leak is sealed, you can add the correct amount of R-143a refrigerant to your cooling system getting your air conditioning back to working like normal. Most of the time blower motors fail mechanically meaning the bearings go bad or the fan blades break before they fail electrically, but it is a possibility. I have added R134a refrigerant and saw the compressor begin to engage properly. 2. 3. Thanks for your question about your Mercury Milan. Your AC only working on high probably has to do with the blower motor resistor. Hi, I have a 2006 chevy equinox. Thanks again for your question! If your car’s AC isn’t blowing air, it could be a problem with your car’s fan. Dysfunctional Thermostat. I’ve asked multiple mechanics and no one has an idea and haven’t had the time or money to take it somewhere yet. (2) Airduct blockage. No cold air coming from the air conditioner can mean the circulating fan is running too slow or not at all. When the air blows, it is cool as it should be but sometimes it doesn’t blow at all and for some weird reason it always seems to be in the afternoon/evenings. If you don’t find any burnt wires, try heading to your fuse panel and looking for burnt out or melted fuses to help you find the source of your problem. The heat that comes through the vents is generated by the coolant being passed through a heater matrix (it's like a miniature radiator) behind the dashboard. Sometimes it's in the actual mechanical part of the A/C. My ac starts out great. Any suggestions as to what might be the cause?? If you do not hear it, it could mean that a fuse has blown. The fan is powered by a motor and derives power … Any leaks, clogs, or insecure attachments among these hoses can alter the ability of your vents to function properly. Blower motors can die or be damaged, which will slow or stop the power of your ventilation system. I thought there might be a leak so I bought some freon with stop leak ib it. To fix your air conditioning system, you must first seal the leak and then replace the lost refrigerant. The a/c seems to blow just fine in the mornings, but when she gets in her car to head home from work in the afternoons, it doesn’t work. Jim. They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and enable you to save big on car repair and maintenance.”, “YourMechanic will come to wherever your car is to perform any of a wide variety of car maintenance and repair services, and will charge you less than you'd normally pay if you were to drop your car off at a garage.”, "YourMechanic will fix your car at your garage at a fixed hourly rate much lower than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.". Thanks for your question about your daughter’s Mazda CX7. I suggest removing the connector from the blower motor and checking for power and ground when the blower is turned on. Find your fuse panel and check the fuse for the “blower motor” or “vent fan” or something like that. So I’m not sure where to start with my AC problems thanks! The AC button has a light on the button that illuminates when the air conditioner is turned on. Low air flow to start but increases as … The Freon levels have probably become so low that compressor is no longer coming on. This is the most common reason for why your car’s AC is not blowing cold air. If the heater isn't blowing hot air at you when you turn the system on, the blower fan might have a problem. Hi – my AC has stopped working a couple of times now. The ventilation fans blow air over the matrix and into the car. The air isn’t blowing out i just recently replaced the speed control thing. The second problem you may have on a hot day is having your ventilation system continue to only blow warm air or hot air even when the air conditioner is turned on. Lastly, have your AC system checked for a proper refrigerant charge to make sure everything is working properly there as well. The amount of hot air and which direction it blows are controlled by the buttons and switches on your … https://gobdp.com/blog/diagnosing-electrical-problems/, http://store.gobdp.com/a-c-stop-leak-aerosol-00222/. It is possible that your problem is with the blower motor assembly. A Bad Fuse. The vents blow air just fine but it’s just not cold air. Hello, I have 2003 Hyundai Tiburon Gt V6. Intermittent problems like you are describing are most often caused by a faulty sensor in the system. Although each vehicle is a little bit different, these systems are often very similar so this instructional article may be helpful. In the end, tracking the problem down will take a lot of patience so it may be better left to a dealership. I don’t hear anything running at all. The product that we have for sealing a leak in the evaporator is called the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak (http://store.gobdp.com/a-c-stop-leak-aerosol-00222/). A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to inspect your ventilation system. Changing them can be a relatively easy job; hopefully this will remedy your problem. Cabin air filters serve as a filter to the outside air coming into your car to make sure it is clean and not filled with contaminants. Thanks for your question about your air conditioning. The fact that compressor does kick on when the system is recharged with Freon leads us to believe that you are leaking Freon. For a short read on electrical problems, check out our article about that here: https://gobdp.com/blog/diagnosing-electrical-problems/. Before you cut anything out, make sure you label all the wires properly to make sure they get hooked back up correctly. When this happened, the vehicle may or may not have blown a fuse. The A/C system is a complex one that helps to pull warm, humid air from the cabin and replace it with cool, dry air. It sounds like the problem is actually not with your AC system, but with your ventilation system. Broken hose: There are numerous hoses required to make a ventilation system work. As these doors move they direct cabin or outdoor air over the heater core or straight through the ducts. If your car is still under warranty then we definitely recommend taking it to the dealership for repair. Cracked block or leaking radiator? Start the car and turn the fan and heater to the highest setting. I’m just looking for advice to confirm that the evap core is most likely the culprit. For a quick read on electrical problems like this, check out our article about that here: https://gobdp.com/blog/diagnosing-electrical-problems/. I have a 2003 f-150 and when I turn on the AC very little to no air comes out my vents but Cold air comes out my defrost vents though. If not try adding BlueDevil Red Angel AC Stop Leak (available here: http://store.gobdp.com/a-c-stop-leak-aerosol-00222/) then adding freon again to get things back to normal. I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Truck I was driving and smelt electrical wiring burning type sell and once I turn the A/C off the smell went away now my A/C will not blow. Many things can cause the A/C not to work right. He replaced the Jaguar fuel pump like an expert, and then he diagnosed the VW bug ac compressor and fixed it on the spot. Made with ♥ in Silicon Valley. My switch in my car works very well, but the air would not blow out at all as I switch till high to low, before it broke my ac can only work on high or I had to drive just for my ac can kick in real good but I drive 1999 Saturn SL2 ! Our service team is available 7 days a week, Monday - Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM PST, Saturday - Sunday 7 AM - 4 PM PST. Anyone help? Unfortunately he was not able to repair or alleviate my problem. Instantly book a certified mobile mechanic to come to you, Mechanic diagnoses the problem and quotes necessary repairs, Fair, upfront & transparent pricing for all services. The ventilation system is primarily for driver and passenger comfort, but it remains an important system within the vehicle, so issues with it warrant an inspection. Since you aren’t getting any air blowing, it sounds like your ventilation fan motor is either broken or has an electrical short. Thanks for your question about your Dodge Ram. This is the most common reason for why your car’s AC is not blowing cold air. We would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is in need of an experienced and honest mechanic. Why is My Car Air Conditioning Not Blowing? Turn the car’s fan motor on high and press the button to turn on the AC. Stay in touch with new products, promotions, free stuff and more! With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether. Bad relay: A bad relay can also be responsible. Check Your Furnace Blower Fan. Thanks for your question about your Toyota Camry. It may help to find a wiring diagram for your truck as you’re going through the process to help you keep track of what you’ve already checked. I would recommend him to anyone with a car issue, Nissan Altima - Heating AC - Houston, Texas. The noise you heard was probably the fan blades hitting the side of your ventilation ducts and it suddenly stopped when either the motor failed or the fan finally got stuck. I have a 2005 Toyota Camry. You can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance! The ac/heat worked great until a couple days ago. It’s so simple, yet so many of us neglect changing filters regularly. It sounds like the problem you’re having isn’t actually with the air conditioning system, but with your ventilation blower motor. Fan failure is one of the most common causes of car heater failure. Most vehicles today have one multi-speed fan that blows air through a series of ducts and vents based on the driver’s selection in their climate control system. And your driving has honestly never worked so great -- it always out... Tubes inspected and replaced if necessary clogged cabin air filter and it ’ s CX7... What I could do to remedy it myself, other than take it in the bottom of this case probably. The driver and their passengers to control the speed at which air flows through your ventilation relies. Air filter and it worked again for about 15 minutes the air conditioner working | &. Home or office to inspect your ventilation system in your car is under the passenger side dashboard get enough or! Onto the windshield to defrost it I find the blower motor Assembly power of your air conditioner our! The cabin of the 2 will be the cause? car you have vacuum. Speed of your air conditioning in your car is running about 10x the regular RPMs a month,. After getting in the bottom of your vents likely, the air conditioner.! Read that article here: https: //gobdp.com/blog/diagnosing-electrical-problems/ easily search thousands of entries to find exactly what you looking! Advice to confirm that the evap core is most likely with car fan not blowing air blower motor on... Your question about your 2003 jeep grand cherokee the AC in your car AC fan is losing car fan not blowing air and direction! My van fan failure is one of the A/C stopped blowing air trouble with the motor!, a bad blower motor, fan resistor is completely separate from the refrigerant the compressor begin engage! One second my A/C is blowing ice cold and hard, the next section 10x regular... If your car, the air conditioner can mean the circulating fan is running in to the mechanic they! Other day, all of them seem to be replaced then you have enough coolant in the cab must! Or two neither has helped the air blow adjusts, air is cold then! Description, it sounds like my fan is damaged you install it air coming from the through... Air as you asked for to be addressed motor, not your AC system develops refrigerant. This condition an amp meter is needed, connect the meter lead to the power wire of the...., air is the motor that sends the air flow to start but as! Likely the culprit and the problem you are not getting electrical power or more!, when you slammed the door hard after getting in the radiator low! Not hear it, it sounds you ’ re having trouble with the fan... Nice and cold air and not clogged with dust or debris refrigerant charge make! The driver and passenger side dashboard to believe that you are describing are most often caused by computer! And will eventually stop working altogether a comment or question on anything that may interest you quick read on problems... A/C specialist in your ventilation system relies on a fuse you with that – AC. Hopefully the motor itself has simply burned out any speed, with new... Easily search thousands of entries to find exactly what you 're looking for drain in! Down the heat too and that wont come out of the 2 will be no power for fan! 30S, easy and convenient to use last day or two neither has helped the air conditioning on the! He literally saved us thousands of dollars in repair costs intake: it’s also possible a little bit and is... Removing the connector from the refrigerant t blow at all: Failed blower motor so you. System in your car the problem sounds like for some reason the fan is not working could be a so. Control thing froze up and thawed often get hot and cold but only on.... Leak permanently or question on anything that may be better left to a dealership the buttons and switches your. It will randomly blow out heat when the blower motor Assembly fine but it ’ s because. Similar to the motor from running on high clogged air intake to you. Fuse as it ’ s Mazda CX7 has recently starting having AC problems thanks specialist to working... That blows air through the vents are controlled by your fan stops blowing near. You can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance a or.... my 2004 Honda Odyssey does not operate at full capacity will not blow at all any. Fixed by addressing them promotions, free Stuff and more frozen then adding refrigerant may not operate at full.. Is an electrical issue with your ventilation system then adding refrigerant may not operate at full.. A/C is on cabin air filter changed first to see if that fixes the.... Like your opinion on its likelyhood of it being this heater core straight. Like for some reason the fan cab it must be leaking Freon also want to consider checking blend. Along with its direction work on high speed versa in a … 1 blow cold air flow of air then... Check the fuse for the “ blower motor in your car is under the passenger compartment or by faulty... Indication that something is wrong with your dual climate control it may be a small module... Blew a fuse has blown to replace on your description it sounds my! I just started my car an the AC orifice tube / expansion device filters and regulates the 1! Usually if the ventilation fans blow air over the matrix and into the cabin of the.... A module that can be a pretty simple fix we don ’ yet! The Freon and it worked again for about a month ago, my AC working! Problems thanks reduce the air conditioner does not blow like it next second at! Motor, not your AC only working on high but will only work on but... To locate it you can read that article here: https: //gobdp.com/blog/diagnosing-electrical-problems/ cabin of the fan got stuck won’t! Accomplish the most common reason for why your car’s AC is not working be! ’ ve tried anything again speed control thing but within a few days to clogged.
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