Please note that Subject Outlines and assessment tasks are updated each session. When you return, you will be assigned the catalog rights (and obligations) of the semester in which you return. ACC127 Accounting and Financial Literacy (8), ACC128 Financial Accounting and Reporting (8), ACC201 Budgeting and Financing for Project Managers (8), ACC240 Financial Management of Small Business (8), ACC275 Professional Practice in Accounting (8), ACC276 Work Integrated Learning in Accounting (8), ACC288 Accounting Information Systems (8), ACC293 Management Accounting for Sustainable Decision Making (8), ACC294 Accounting Standards Interpretation and Disclosures (8), ACC311 Strategic and Sustainable Accounting (8), ACC331 Auditing and Assurance Services (8), ACC384 International Accounting Issues (8), ACC393 Strategic Accounting for Enterprise Management (8), ACC394 Accounting in a Global Environment (8), ACC395 Risk Based Audit and Assurance (8), ACC396 Developments in Ethics Governance and Accounting Thought (8), ACC501 Business Accounting and Finance (8), ACC512 Management Accounting for Costs and Control (8), ACC518 Current Developments In Accounting Thought (8), ACC539 Accounting Information Systems (8), ACC549 Financial Literacy for Decision Makers (2), ACC585 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (8), ACG506 Financial Management of Small Business (8), ACG507 Accounting and Tax for Estates and Trusts (8), ACG508 Accounting Standards, Application and Disclosures (8), ACG509 Global Perspectives of Accounting (8), ACG511 Interpreting and Communicating Accounting (8), ACG512 Data Analysis for Financial Decision-making (8), ACG513 Contemporary Cost Accounting for Management Decision-making (8), ACG514 Ethics, Governance and Developments in Accounting Thought (8), ACT101 Introduction to Voice and Movement (8), ADV317 Advertising Strategy and Planning (16), ADV318 Advertising Strategy and Planning (8), AGB250 International Agriproduct Trade (8), AGB450 Agricultural Business Risk and Investment (8), AGB550 International Agriproduct Trade (8), AGB583 Agricultural Business Management Dissertation (16), AGR203 Production Analysis and Optimisation (8), AGR237 Property Planning and Development (8), AGR402 Reading in Science and Agriculture (8), AGR475 Sustainable Agriculture: Issues and Viewpoints (8), AGR512 Property and Catchment Planning (8), AGR601 Master Research (Agriculture and Wine) PT (128), AGR602 Master Research (Agriculture and Wine) FT (128), AGR610 Sustainable Agriculture Dissertation (16), AGR701 Doctoral Research (Agriculture and Wine) PT (192), AGR702 Doctoral Research (Agriculture and Wine) FT (192), AGR712 Proposal for Applied Research/Investigation (32), AGS107 Precision Agriculture and Data Handling (8), AGS120 Managing Contemporary Farm Systems (8), AGS320 Water Policy and Management (EM) (8), AGS400 Agricultural Industry Practicum (32), AGS405 Consultancy for Farming Systems (8), AGS407 Agricultural Industry Internship (16), AGS422 Contemporary Issues in Agriculture (8), AHT101 Professional skills in Agriculture and Horticulture (8), AHT231 Agricultural Finance and Business Management (8), AHT404 Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation (8), AHT423 Digital Agriculture in Practice (8), AIS100 Academic Integrity at Charles Sturt University (0), APS301 Applied Pharmacology for Paramedicine (8), APS402 Foundations of Advanced Paramedic Practice (8), APS403 Populations with Special Needs (8), APS508 Extended Care Clinical Management (8), ART240 Introduction to Islamic Art and Design (8), ART506 Exhibition/Performance/Project/Production (32), ART601 Master Honours Research (Arts) PT (128), ART602 Master Honours Research (Arts) FT (128), ASC100 Introduction to Animal Science (16), ASC114 Applied Statistics and Animal Epidemiology (8), ASC118 Introduction to Veterinary Technology (8), ASC148 Introduction to Equitation Science (8), ASC180 Animal Handling and Health Care (8), ASC182 Foundations in Clinical Procedures and Veterinary Nursing (8), ASC183 Foundations in Veterinary Surgical Nursing (8), ASC208 Equine Disease, Injury and Rehabilitation (8), ASC212 Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics (8), ASC280 Diagnostics for Veterinary Technologists (8), ASC302 Applications of Equine Science: contemporary issues (8), ASC308 Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Animal Science (8), ASC311 Comparative Animal Anatomy and Physiology (8), ASC370 Ruminant Production and Welfare (8), ASC390 Transition to the Veterinary Technology Profession (8), ASC391 Veterinary Anaesthesia and Surgery Nursing (8), ASC393 Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Nursing (8), ASC400 Professional Study Visit in Animal, Equine and Veterinary Sciences (0), ASC474 Intensive Animal Production and Welfare (8), ASC516 Master's Research Project Design (16), ASC517 Master's Research Project Design (16), ASC532 Master's Research Dissertation (32), ASC533 Master's Research Dissertation (32), ASC580 Professional Industry Practicum 1 (8), ASC581 Professional Industry Practicum 2 (8), ASH402 Honours Dissertation Proposal and Literature Review (16), ASH403 Honours Project/Dissertation 1 (16), ASH404 Honours Project/Dissertation 2 (16), ASH601 Masters Research (Arts and Education) PT (64), ASH602 Masters Research (Arts and Education) FT (64), ASH701 Doctoral Research (Arts and Education) PT (192), ASH702 Doctoral Research (Arts and Education) FT (192), BCM210 Foundations and Techniques in Biochemistry (8), BCM302 Food and Beverage Biotechnology (8), BIO263 Methods for Environmental Data Analysis (8), BIO326 Vegetation and Disturbance Management (16), BIO327 Wildlife Ecology and Management (16), BIO402 River Restoration and Protection (8), BIO431 Avian Systematics and Biogeography (8), BIO432 Avian Population and Community Ecology (8), BIO437 Conservation Management of Birds (8), BIO461 Applied Ecological Conservation (8), BIO480 Ecology and Conservation of Waterbirds (8), BMS105 Science Communication and Methodology (8), BMS126 Foundations Of Human Physiology (8), BMS132 Medical Science Communications and Methods (8), BMS142 Introduction to Case Based Study (8), BMS161 Health and the Human body: cells, immunity and musculoskeletal system (8), BMS162 Health and the Human body: systemic human physiology (8), BMS165 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses 1 (8), BMS171 Introduction to Functional Human Anatomy (8), BMS172 Functional Anatomy of the Vertebral Column, Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb (8), BMS175 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses 2 (8), BMS236 Integrated Pharmacology and Pathophysiology for Allied Health Practice (8), BMS237 Integrated Clinical Placement 1 (8), BMS243 Metabolic Biochemistry in Health and Disease (8), BMS255 Neuroscience for Health Practice (8), BMS262 Practical Clinical Biochemistry (4), BMS263 Foundational Pharmacology and Pathophysiology for Allied Health Practice (8), BMS265 Integrated Clinical Placement for Medical Laboratory Science 1 (8), BMS271 Functional Anatomy of the Head, Neck, Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limb (8), BMS291 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1 (8), BMS292 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2 (8), BMS304 Fundamentals of DNA Fingerprinting (8), BMS313 Infectious Diseases And Applied Immunology (8), BMS317 Integrating Paramedic Medical Science (8), BMS324 Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion (8), BMS327 Integrating Paramedic Trauma Science (8), BMS332 Applied Cardiovascular Physiology (8), BMS342 Medicinal and Indigenous Foods (8), BMS343 Evidence Based Complementary Medicine (16), BMS346 Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics (8), BMS351 Integrated Clinical Placement 2 (8), BMS357 Practical Immunology and Transfusion Science (4), BMS365 Integrated Clinical Placement for Medical Laboratory Science 2 (8), BMS419 Eastern and Western Approaches to Mindfulness (8), BMS420 Mindfulness and Acceptance in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (8), BMS421 Mindfulness and Neuroscience Influence (8), BMS423 Case Based Learning in Medical Science (8), BMS424 Integrated Clinical Placement for Medical Laboratory Science 3 (8), BMS512 Integrated Medical Laboratory Science (8), BMS536 Applied Pharmacology for Nursing Practice (8), BMS601 Master Research (Biomedical Sciences) PT (128), BMS602 Master Research (Biomedical Sciences) FT (128), BMS701 Doctoral Research (Biomedical Sciences) PT (192), BMS702 Doctoral Research (Biomedical Sciences) FT (192), BUS001 Preparation for Studying Business (8), BUS114 Contemporary Employability and Learning (6), BUS204 Business Analysis and Data Analytics (8), BUS224 Employability and Professional Practice 1 (6), BUS307 Strategic Business Development (8), BUS384 Global Business Project Management (8), BUS386 Employability and Professional Practice 2 (6), BUS416 Business Honours Project/Dissertation (16), BUS417 Business Honours Project/Dissertation (16), BUS432 Business Honours Dissertation (32), CCI103 Perspectives on the Creative Industries (8), CCI104 Narrative: Production and Performance (8), CCI106 Communication and Creative Industries International Experience 1 (8), CCI107 Communication and Creative Industries International Experience 2 (8), CCI300 Professional Practice in Communication and Creative Industries (24), CCI301 Research and Reflective Practice (8), CCI303 Communication and Creative Industries Project 1 (16), CCI304 Communication and Creative Industries Project 2 (16), CCI305 Communication and Creative Industries Project 3 (16), CCI306 Communication and Creative Industries Project 4 (16), CCI500 Contexts of Communication and Creative Industries (16), CCI501 Research in Communication and Creative Industries (16), CCI504 Communication and Creative Industries Practice PT (32), CCI505 Communication and Creative Industries Practice FT (32), CCI550 Media Production for Community Engagement (2), CCI551 Networking and Building Partnerships (2), CCI552 Developing Media Relationships (2), CCI553 External Communication Strategies (2), CHM102 Chemistry for Dental and Veterinary Sciences (8), CHM111 Math, statistics, physics and advanced chemistry for Medical Science (8), CHM219 Organic And Physical Chemistry (8), CHM335 Analytical Chemistry Industry Experience (8), CLS103 Non-Emergency Clinical Placement (8), CLS105 Foundations of Clinical Practice (8), CLS106 Foundations of Trauma Practice (8), CLS201 Introduction to Medical Emergencies (8), CLS202 Life Span Health Issues and Paramedic Care (8), CLS206 Clinical Placement and Authentic Learning 1 (8), CLS247 Mental Health for Paramedicine (8), CLS300 Advanced Cardiology and Paramedic Practice (8), CLS307 Transition to Paramedic Practice (8), CLS311 Clinical Placement and Authentic Learning 2 (16), CLS400 Advanced Paramedic Medical Emergencies (8), COM114 Presentation for Communicators (8), COM116 Introduction to Public Relations (8), COM125 Principles of Audio Programming (8), COM127 Introduction to Media Production (8), COM219 Media, Communication and Globalisation (8), COM221 Professional Ethics in Communication and Citizenship (8), COM224 Communication Research Strategies (8), COM238 Professional Practice Contexts (8), COM313 Issues and Crisis Communication (8), COM323 Creative Storytelling: Cultures and Contexts (8), COM538 Communication in Organisations (16), COM539 Issues, Crisis and Reputation (16), COM540 Corporate Culture, Stakeholder and Change Communication (16), COM601 Master Honours Research (Communication) PT (128), COM602 Master Honours Research (Communication) FT (128), COM701 Doctoral Research (Communication) PT (192), COM702 Doctoral Research (Communication) FT (192), COM712 Communication and Technology: digital connectivity (16), COM714 Dissertation/Portfolio in Communication FT (128), COM715 Dissertation/Portfolio in Communication PT (128), CUS101 Border Agencies and Principles of Border Management (16), CUS102 Regulating and Facilitating Trade (8), CUS104 International Trade Terms and Documentation (16), CUS105 Introduction to Tariff Classification (8), CUS106 Introduction to Customs Valuation (8), CUS201 International Trade Treaties and Conventions (16), CUS202 International Air and Sea Passengers (16), CUS203 Maritime Regulation and Enforcement (8), CUS301 Border Management Ethics and Governance (16), CUS305 Immigration Law, Policy and Practice (8), CUS401 Customs Management Theory and Practice (16), CUS410 Customs Field Education - Practice (16), CUS411 Customs Workplace Planning and Leadership (16), CUS412 Customs Workplace Improvement Project (16), CUS413 Customs Field Education - Policy (16), CUS503 International Trade Policy and Practice (16), CUS521 Customs Reform and Modernisation (8), CUS522 International Supply Chain Management (8), DES111 Costume Design and Realisation (8), DHS601 Master Research (Dentistry and Health Science) PT (128), DHS602 Master Research (Dentistry and Health Science) FT (128), DHS701 Doctoral Research (Dentistry and Health Science) PT (192), DHS702 Doctoral Research (Dentistry and Health Science) FT (192), DOH100 Clinical Practice and Theory 1 (16), DOH125 Foundations of Dental Clinical Practice 1 (12), DOH200 Clinical Practice and Theory 2 (16), DOH233 Pathological Basis of Human Disease (8), DOH243 Foundations of Restorative Dentistry (24), DOH254 Foundations of Dental Clinical Practice 2 (16), DOH310 Clinical Practice and Theory 3 (32), DOH321 Public Oral Health, Research and Community Service (8), DOH335 Foundations of Dental Clinical Practice 3 (24), DOH412 Medicine and Surgery for Dental Practice (4), DOH415 Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry (8), DOH491 Gerodontics, Special Needs Dentistry, Dental Public Health (8), DOH551 Introduction to Implant Dentistry (16), DOH552 Restoration of Dental Implants (16), DOH554 Advanced Concepts in Implant Dentistry (16), ECO215 Managerial Economics for Business Strategy (8), EEA202 Managing the Classroom Environment (8), EEA406 Managing the Classroom Environment (8), EEA501 Managing the Classroom Environment (8), EEB106 Community Cultural Education Program (0), EEB206 Indigenous Education for Social Justice (8), EEB207 Leading Healthy and Safe Environments (8), EEB220 Language, Literacy and Numeracy in Vocational Education and Training (8), EEB310 International Cultural and Education Program (0), EEB312 Reflective Practice and Lifelong Learning (8), EEB424 Contexts of Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy in Adult and Vocational Education (8), EEB429 Issues of Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice in Adult and Vocational Education (8), EEB435 Indigenous Australian Studies for Teachers (8), EEB437 Teaching Numeracy in Adult and Vocational Education (8), EEB438 Teaching Literacy in Adult and Vocational Education (8), EEB442 International Cultural and Educational Experience (8), EEB443 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Cultural Education Program (0), EEB503 Education Professionals for the Future (8), EEB506 Professional Practice in Education and Training (8), EED110 Child Development: The Early Years (8), EED215 Adolescent and Child Learning and Development (8), EED216 Child Development: The Primary Years (8), EED403 Environmental Sustainability in Early Childhood (8), EED417 Education Studies: Child Development and Learning (8), EED421 Education Studies: Inclusive Education (8), EED422 Adolescent Learning and Development (8), EEE404 Assessment Practices in Adult and Vocational Education (8), EEL120 Social Context of Vocational Education and Training (8), EEL203 Assessment in Teaching and Learning (8), EEL320 Learning Theories for Post Compulsory Education (8), EEL407 Mentoring/Workplace PD Strategies for VET (8), EEL409 Developing as a Teacher in Higher Education (8), EEL417 Learning and Teaching in an Institutional Context (8), EEL418 Learning Theory in Adult and Vocational Education (8), EEL500 Mentoring, Leadership and Change (8), EEL501 Professional and Practice-Based Education (8), EEL502 Designing Blended Learning Environments in Higher Education (8), EEL510 Leading Professional Learning Organisations (8), EEL513 Workplace learning: Theory and practice (8), EEL516 Foundations of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (16), EEL521 Scholarly Teaching and Learning (8), EEL523 Enhancing The Skilful Higher Education Teacher. probably have many questions -- perhaps about our place in the California State University (CSU) System, or your interactions with the Corps of Cadets. Students who have scheduled appointments for our ID Printing Services last December 2020 and this month January 2021 are cancelled. Your journey will be dynamic and require rigorous and consistent efforts. P.O Box: 9014 Contact. Revised 06.09.2020 CVG Effective: July 1, 2018 . in Nursing studies. Student Services and Amenities Fee Payment Date for Session 1. Trifolium In Tamil, box-shadow: 0 12px 20px -10px rgba(244, 67, 54, 0.28), 0 4px 20px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.12), 0 7px 8px -5px rgba(244, 67, 54, 0.2); Clicgear B3 Cart Bag 2014, width: 100%; " /> CSU Admission Policy. (This does NOT apply to … Timetable release status per term Published Timetable is published . Elder Scrolls Shadowkey, 1 Cleveland State University School of Nursing Baccalaureate Nursing Program Student Handbook Academic Year 2020-2021 2485 Euclid Avenue, Julka Hall 238 NONDISCRIMINATION STATEMENT . } } This easily accessible and interactive handbook provides you with all the information you need to know about Undergraduate and Postgraduate study at UNSW The Pizzeria Coupons, In 2021 we plan to introduce a new course structure, which the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council is currently reviewing. May you be guided accordingly. Timetable. Essential Services Jobs, border-radius: 4px; I invite you to browse through our web site, to get acquainted with the many facets of the Nursing Program here at Chicago State University. Student Handbook 2020-2021 5 . 2020-2021 will likely be a memorable year given that we continue to be faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, both in our professional/academic and our personal lives. 2020-2021 This handbook has been prepared for use by students in the Columbus State University Master of Science in Nursing program (CSU MSN). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. width: 50%; It is intended to serve as a supplement to the information provided in the Columbus State University (CSU) and Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) catalogs and the CSU … Reference List of Participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) INSTITUTION/ADDRESS PAGE HEI CODE TELEPHONE Website Email ATHLONE Athlone Institute of Technology, Dublin Road, Athlone. Essential Services Jobs, Nursing (MSN) Student Handbook 2020- 2021 . 01. In circumstances where there is conflicting information, the student is encouraged to seek clarification … All nursing students are given the opportunity, each session, to fill out preference sheets to identify where and when they would like to undertake their WPL experiences. Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Welcome to the Southern California DNP Consortium Program ..... 4 B. i . 2021-2022 calendar. Please note: Due to limited places on the Port Macquarie campus, offers will be made in the following offer rounds. 2020-2021 NURSING STUDENT HANDBOOK Associate Degree in Nursing . Applicants who are current CSU students Interviews will be granted to current CSU student who meet the following criteria: * Enrolled in any CSU course at the time of application and have completed at a minimum of 1 year full-time study (or equivalent) with a GPA of 5.5 or higher OR * Enrolled in any CSU course at the time of application and have completed less than 1 year full … Winboard Chess Engines, Read CSU Pueblo's spring 2021 semester plans for academic instruction and campus operations. Nursing Program Conceptual Framework..... 4 IV. Community-based Learning Student Handbook 2 Community Engagement Contacts Julia Heinen, D.M.A. The baccalaureate degree program in nursing, master's degree program in nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice program and post-graduate APRN certificate program at the University of Massachusetts Boston … Community health; Early learning; Veterinary and animal; Laboratories; Media and communication; Education and training services; Equine; Food, wine and entertainment; Library; CSU Print; Key Contacts. Handbook Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 Edition . CQUni Handbook Released The timetable has been published. @media only screen and (min-width: 1024px){ /* Add your CSS code here. $3500: 08 Feb 2021 11:59 pm : Applications open: School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health Scholarship: Students studying full time Bachelor of Nursing at the Albury/Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port Macquarie or Wagga Wagga campus. 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