Risci Bita Wudu Release Date (and More!)

I can at last reveal that the long-awaited Æþelruna album Risci Bita Ƿudu will be released on or around the next Ƿinterfylleð (that’s mid-October, 2022 for those of you still using the Gregorian calendar). The album consists of three tracks totalling around 50 minutes of Anglo-Saxon themed metal and will be available on CD, as well as digitally.

Risci Bita Wudu cover art by Will Helm
  • Saga hƿæt ic hatte
  • Ƿe gebloten
  • Þæs ofereode þisses sƿa mæg

Shortly after the release of Risci Bita Ƿudu, starting from around the first full moon of Geola (mid-December) and continuing for each Old English month throughout 2023, Æþelruna will release a series of ten singles/short EPs for download/streaming. These releases will consist of original material, covers, and some new recordings of older songs.

  • Geola (mid-December, 2022)
  • Solmonað (early-February, 2023)
  • Hreðmonaþ (early-March, 2023)
  • Eosturmonað (early-April, 2023)
  • Þrimilce (early-May, 2023)
  • Liþa (early-June, 2023)
  • Ƿeodmonaþ (early-August, 2023)
  • Haligmonað (late-August, 2023)
  • Ƿinterfylleþ (late-September, 2023)
  • Blotmonaþ (late-October, 2023)

Following this in late 2023, a CD will be released collecting some of these singles to form an album adapting the first short section of the Old English epic, Beowulf.

Finally, in 2024 a compilation of re-recorded and ‘reimagined’ songs from the period 2006-2011 titled Rediviva will be released under the name Adalruna. This album may also consist of some new material and will likely be released on CD.

I’m not likely to provide too many updates until closer to the Risci Bita Wudu release as I’m concentrating on getting this plethora of material ready as well as dealing with the many other things that to seem to occupy more and more of my time. I would love to film a video to accompany the release, but time will dictate the possibility of that, although there will certainly be a video to accompany the Haligmonaþ single.

In the meantime there are still copies of Ealdgesegena available on CD which can be purchased via the Æþelruna Bandcamp page and both Adalruna and Æþelruna can be found on most download/streaming services (you can search Aethelruna if it’s easier!)

All support is appreciated.

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