Risci Bita Wudu

Helith Records (Date TBA)

The cover of Aethelruna's debut album 'Risci Bita Wudu' by Will Helm.

The cover of Aethelruna’s debut album ‘Risci Bita Wudu’ by Will Helm.


  1. Saga hƿæt ic hatte
  2. Pecsætnaðeaƿ
  3. Ƿe gebloten
  4. Þunor ƿeoha ðisne ealh
  5. Þæs oferreode ðisses sƿa mæg


  • Track one adapted from Æcerbot (11th century, unknown), The Ruthwell Cross (c. 10th century, unknown) and the Franks Casket (8th century, unknown) with additional words by Æðelruna.
  • Track five adapted from The Lament of Deor (10th century, unknown).
  • Track three written by Henry Purcell for the 1691 opera King Arthur, or The British Worthy, adapted and translated by Æðelruna.
  • Tracks one, two, four and five written by Æðelruna except where traditional (tracks one and five).
  • Track four words by Swain Wodening, used with permission.
  • Artwork and layout by Will Helm – www.will-helm.com