On Modranihte (EP)

Wodfreca Records (5th December, 2011)

The cover of Aethelruna's 2011 EP 'On Modranihte' by Black Raven Design.

The cover of Aethelruna’s 2011 EP ‘On Modranihte’ by Black Raven Design.


  1. On Modranihte
  2. Paganland; Hoylandes Leoþe


  • All music and lyrics written and performed by Wulfhelm unless where otherwise stated.
  • ‘Paganland’ originally written and performed by Hoyland.
  • Guest solo on ‘On Modranihte’ by Grimsturm.
  • Programming, mixing and mastering by Sam Wale.
  • Artwork and layout by Phil Robinson.

This EP was originally released in December of 2011 and comprised of only two tracks. Initially available on iTunes and Amazon via Wodfreca Records and in a limited CD format.


  • Nazrath Scolkyer Vladislas


    Are there any of these left? I was looking to purchase one next month...

  • Wessex man


    Greetings! Just purchased your e.p. And it is now on top of my iPod listing. Fine musical excellence of Floyd/ film score and dreams appeal. I look forward to your first album via wodfreaca records. Ic pancie pe ond waes hael!

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