Ealdgesegena (Compilation)

Helith Records (26th March, 2018)

The cover of Aethelruna's 2018 Compilation 'Ealdgesegena' by R. Smythe.

The cover of Aethelruna’s 2018 compilation ‘Ealdgesegena’ by R. Smythe.


  1. Paganland (Hoyland Cover)
  2. Þæt ðe Hwilum Wæs (Burzum Cover)
  3. Lindisfarena; Anno Domini DCCXCIII
  4. Mid An Fot on Fanfæt Gefylled Þæt Treow Wæs
  5. On Modranihte
  6. Þunor Weoha Þisne Ealh
  7. Modor Eorðe Fæder Þunor (Bathory Cover)


  • All music and lyrics written and performed by Æþelruna except tracks 1, 2 and 7.
  • ‘Paganland’ originally written and performed by Hoyland.
  • ‘Þæt ðe Hwilum Wæs’ originally written and performed by Burzum as ‘Det Som Engang Var’.
  • ‘Modor Eorðe Fæder Þunor’ originally written and performed by Bathory as ‘Mother Earth Father Thunder’.
  • Guest vocals on ‘Lindisfarena; Anno Domini DCCXCIII’ by G. Giles.
  • Guest solo on ‘Lindisfarena; Anno Domini DCCXCIII’ by M. Hoyland.
  • Guest solo on ‘On Modranihte’ by Grimsturm.
  • Programming, mixing and mastering by Sam Wale on all tracks.
  • Artwork by R. Smythe.

This compilation was originally released in March of 2018 as a download only.

  • Tracks 1 and 5 were originally released on On Modranihte (Self-Released, 2011).
  • Track 2 was originally released on Forsvunnet Filosofem – A Tribute to Burzum (Wodfreca Records/Mirkwood Productions, 2012).
  • Track 3 was originally released on Hwit Wyrm Arisan Ofer Angelcynne (Wodfreca Records, 2013)
  • Track 4 and 6 were originally released as a free promotional download in 2014.