Æþelruna freolsað ealdengliscne bigeng ond ærgeleafan. To þæm folclande, minum fægran Angelcynne ond þeode. Se staðolfæsta ond unofersƿiðda ᛟ. Ƿulfhelm eallum geteohum driemaþ.


  • Heathen


    Thank you, one of the few heritage-aware bands in this country that actually has a knowledge of the English ancestral history! Wes hal!

    • Dan Knowles


      Weshal! Excellent ideas! I hope that the gods see you and your work! Let the White Dragon rise!

  • Troy Southgate


    It's always good to hear about another new project in this vein. Wishing you the very best of luck for the future.

  • Scyld Scefing


    Please keep us informed if you put together a CD. We are looking for mutual support in these confrontational but interesting times. The Steadfast Trust not only offer enlightenment to the de-culturalised, but we try in a material way to promote and assist any English cultural or artistic endeavour. It is only by forming strong links with those with the nerve to stand up that we will form a shieldwall for our folk. I love the music too!

  • Tim


    Brilliant so glad I found you, awesome music,

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