Risci Bita Wudu – Some Additional Updates

It struck me shortly after writing my previous update regarding the schedule of releases over the next two years that I did not give any specific release date, nor any particular details, about the forthcoming album Risci Bita Wudu, and therefore I thought it prudent to correct that oversight.

The album will be released on Monday the 10th of October 2022, which coincides with the winter full moon by my reckoning. The album consists of three* tracks:

1 – Saga hƿæt ic hatte

2 – Ƿe gebloten

3 – Þæs ofereode þisses sƿa mæg

The first song adapts elements from various Old English sources such as the Æcerbot, Ruthwell Cross and the Franks Casket and featuring some traditional melodies. The title is taken from a formulaic challenge found at the end of some of the Exeter Book riddles where the audience is instructed to “say what I am called”, which in the case of the Ruthless Cross inscription is answered by the Brussels Cross – “Rod is min nama”. Azrael of the ‘True English Black Metal’ coterie Heathen Deity provided rhythm and acoustic guitars for this song as I was unable at the time this was recorded.

The second track is an instrumental adaptation of parts of Henry Purcell’s 17th-century opera King Arthur, or The British Worthy.

The third track adapts the Anglo-Saxon poem that has come to be known as Deor after its narrator, a scop (skald or bard) who has been replaced by his lord and recounts several myths and legends where hard times were seemingly overcome. The track features at least one traditional melody and a guest vocalist for some parts.

* I did contemplate splitting each track into parts as I understand some people get annoyed at lengthy intros, but I would rather present each song in whole, as intended.

The album will be available to order on CD from Bandcamp, probably a week or so before 10/10/22, and for download/streaming from all the usual places from that same date.

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