Website (*not) to be deleted as of July 2018 (*Updated!)

I have decided (after some consideration) to cancel this website ( All of the information here can be found elsewhere and it just amounts to an unnecessary cost for me. For direct updates on Æþelruna you can still use the Facebook page. I am not currently active on any other social media and do not plan to be unless Facebook is popularly replaced by something else. I will not be posting this announcement to social media, so only those who actively come to the website will see it. I will therefore know how useful the site is by the number of objections I receive to this decision. I suspect there will be very few if any, but of course if there is a significant amount then I will reconsider.

This site will cease to exist in July, 2018.

Update! Given a number of people contacting me asking me to not delete the site, and me rather foolishly forgetting that my emails are tied to the domain, I’ll be keeping the site.




  • Enes


    Greetings from Turkey, A couple of days ago I suddenly explored your Ealdgesegena album and your band. Since then, I can not stop listening; when I saw this sad new, I became too sad. I hope we can acquire breaking news via Facebook or new page. I beg you to not the delete page if it's appropriate for you. Cheers from A lover of English and old English to Æþelruna.

    • Wulfhelm


      Thanks for letting me know - I'm glad to hear someone is using the website! I am having second thoughts already because I forgot how much I use the website for email!

  • Gabriel Tamas


    Greetings. I just saw this message and I found it a bit sad. I actually do check the website, if not regularly, at least from time to time. But yet again, all the stuff (CD's, patches) I got from you, were received after some talks on Facebook. As long as that exists, and given that the site brings you extra costs, I can understand your reasoning. But at least provide us with an e-mail address, in case you will decide to leave Facebook too (which I would totally back you up with). I actually find it enjoyable to talk through e-mail and keep in touch with like minded people. If not, there's always the "snail" mail, which still remains my favourite way of communication. Whichever your decision will be, know that the fans of your music are still around. Good luck with the upcoming album!

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