Ealdgesegena Update

First of all, I wanted to thank everybody that has downloaded or streamed Ealdgesegena from Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or wherever else in the past week (thankfully, it appears searching merely for “Aethelruna” does the trick, without the need for special characters) – I hope you enjoy those songs that are in many ways quite disparate, having been recorded several years apart in some cases. In particular I wanted to thank those that helped spread my short advertisement around Facebook (which took far too many hours to make), including From Runes to Ruins who occasionally use some of my music in their videos which are certainly worth taking the time to peruse. The response to the advert on Facebook has been quite positive. I have also uploaded the short video to YouTube:

I wrote in my last update that I would be sharing a preview of the upcoming album Risci Bita Wudu in the coming weeks; I wanted to stress that I plan to create a full-length video for the first track on the album, Saga Hwæt Ic Hatte, and not fob you off with a 30-second clip! I’m very excited to release this album and have been working very hard to get the final (and most ambitious) track completed. With the long bank holiday weekend bringing with it the promise of rain and snow, perhaps I will have the time to get the song completed, however, I recently purchased Encircling Wolves’ album, ‘The Trial of Traitors’, and may take some of this time to write a review which will most certainly conclude with a hearty endorsement to go and buy it.

I hope you have a good holiday, by which I mean not the celebration of a dead Jewish woodworker, but the goddess Eostre and the birth of the summer months. Bede tells us that the early English had no spring season, which incidentally is why in modern times we – quite perversely – start the summer at midsummer!

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