Ealdgesegena compilation album to be released in March!

Since 2011 Æþelruna has released several tracks via various compilations and promos that are now out of print or are otherwise unavailable, but now all of these recordings will be made available to download or stream as part of a new compilation named Ealdgesegena to be released via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other sites on March 26th, 2018.   

Go to the Ealdgesegena page to find out more detailed information.

The cover of Aethelruna's 2018 Compilation 'Ealdgesegena' by R. Smythe.

The cover of Aethelruna’s 2018 compilation ‘Ealdgesegena’ by R. Smythe.

There is no physical release of this compilation planned, however, fans of physical media should not be disappointed as you will very soon be able to get your hands on the Æþelruna album Risci Bita Wudu on CD. Follow Æþelruna on Facebook for the latest updates.

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