Risci Bita Wudu | Album Update

Since there have been a couple of setbacks with the production of the debut Æþelruna album, I thought I would take the time to explain what’s going on:

My plan was create a short EP of only two tracks totalling about 25 minutes to be followed up next year with a similar release and perhaps shortly thereafter with a third. However, given some thought, this approach would be too time-consuming and perhaps cause undue delay to other projects, so my current plan is to speed up the recording of a third (and possibly fourth) track to add to this release in order to make it a full length album. This will obviously push back my release schedule from March/April to perhaps a few months later.

Further delays have been caused by the unfortunate death of a hard drive that contained all of the samples I use during recording, but these are being re-installed as I type!

So, about the album itself…

This is a very loose concept album with each track demonstrating an interpretation of aspects from the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon year and its eventual distortion by Christianity. Of course, our entire view of pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon England is through the lens provided to us by Christianity (which is perhaps why I favour the term ‘pre-Christian’ to ‘heathen’ or ‘pagan’ in this context) so I think it is important to reflect that within the scope of the concept. Incidentally, the Anglo-Saxon calendar is something that I have studied for quite a long time and will hopefully be publishing on at some point in the future.

There are some differences to this release than anything I have done previously: first of all, someone far more talented than I shall be recording guitars for the album; secondly, I am hoping to record genuine drums rather than samples. I will provide updates on these once more progress has been made, but I am confident that these changes will have a hugely positive effect on the sound.

One aspect of the release that has made significantly more progress than the rest is the artwork. Again, I will provide more updates as time goes on, but from what I have seen so far, this will look fantastic! I am very excited to see the final art and to be able to share that.

As for format and distribution, I will be releasing this album myself without any label. There will not be a download version for the foreseeable future and I only plan to make the album available on CD. Cassette and vinyl versions are possibilities if there is any demand for such, but it won’t be something I shall be considering for a good while after the initial release.

I will provide more updates as time goes on. I hope this will be worth the wait.

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