The short version of this post is simply that Æþelruna will not be distributed via Bandcamp any longer.

A few days ago Bandcamp announced that they would be donating all of their profits from sales made during Friday, 3rd February to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) for political reasons you may or may not agree with. I don’t know much about ACLU as I’m not American, and despite being told certain disturbing things, without further research of my own I don’t feel comfortable either supporting or wholly condemning them. But, therein lies the problem: Bandcamp never gave artists the option to ‘opt out’ of this, so during Friday, artists’ music was used to not only promote, but financially support a political cause without their consent and I suspect in many cases, without their knowledge. Bandcamp are of course entitled to their views, and to do with their profits as they please. However, I do not feel comfortable allowing my music to be used to support anybody’s politics without my consent, as I hopefully made clear on Thursday in a post on Facebook (another ‘evil’ I’m having misgivings about using):


It is contemptuous to use another’s work to further a political agenda without the express permission of that person. With this in mind, as a matter of principal, you will not be able to purchase my music from BandCamp for the whole of tomorrow.

I understand this may be interpreted as support for the puppet currently performing on the main stage of the US, but you should know better.

I must thank Encircling Wolves for making me aware of this (I don’t read emails from Bandcamp, it seems!)

After some consideration though, I’ve decided to remove Æþelruna from Bandcamp entirely (except my tracks that have been used on compilations and are thus available from other pages). All of my music was set to pay what you want or was free. When I received payment from fans I considered it a donation and thus used those funds to improve my music in one way or another (something I hope will be apparent very soon!) I don’t like the idea of a percentage of those funds being used for who-knows-what, so I’m done with Bandcamp.

I may look for an alternative in order to distribute Æþelruna digitally, but failing that, there will shortly be a CD available that will be purchasable directly from me.

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