10 Year Reflections

October marks a 10 year anniversary of sorts. Not of Æþelruna, which is itself nearly five years old, but of its predecessor, Adalruna. To be precise, it marks 10 years since I ‘released’ the demo, Rediviva, in 2006.

While these recordings are by no means good, I do look upon them somewhat fondly. I recall readingcover Stephen Flowers’ book, Adalruna, and thinking that Johannes Bureus, his exploits and ideas, would make interesting subject matter around which to base a project. I regrettably gave away my copy of this book several years ago and have never been able to replace it. I had some interest in esoterica and occult topics before this, but it was probably the work of Thorsson which led me to focus more on Germanic occultism, specifically of the early to mid-20th century, on later releases.

202744The demo, like all Adalruna releases up until A Wolf in Hallowed Places (2008), was recorded in the free software Audacity with a cheap microphone and unremarkable instruments. A friend of mine recorded some basic flute parts and also lent me her bass guitar. On later releases I would just pitch-shift my guitar down an octave for bass, until I finally bought one of my own around the time of Summoning the Ancient Power of the Runes (2007). Bizarrely, there is a female vocalist on two tracks of the demo, but I unfortunately have no recollection of who that was, or of recording those parts.

coverAdalruna must have begun some time before this date, and I do have three discs of some 15 or so unreleased recordings I made from ca. 2004/5. I no longer have or remember any of the titles, but one of the tracks is quite blatantly based on the science fiction show, Battlestar Galactica and another sounds suspiciously like one of the themes from the soundtrack to David Lynch’s Dune (1984). The track, Gateway to Qliphoth, from the Rediviva demo was in one of the folders, sans name, so I must have recorded that before deciding to use it for Adalruna. I have uploaded three
of these tracks, below.

I won’t create a post for the 10th anniversary of every Adalruna release, so I have uploaded some of my  tracks from this time below in a chronological order, although the tracks were not necessarily released in the order I recorded them, which makes this difficult.

The quality varies dramatically.


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