Album Update and Compilation News

It’s been some time now since I last gave any update on this site (over a year, in fact) but, while not much of note has transpired in that time, I do have some updates that I hope will be of interest.

First of all, Æþelruna will be appearing on an upcoming Bathory tribute album from Helith Records and Mirkwood Productions with a cover of Mother Earth Father Thunder due for release later this year. There may be a promotional video to accompany the release if I can summon the patience necessary to finish it.

Secondly, Æþelruna will also be appearing on Helith Records’ Forefather tribute with a cover of Wudugast. 

Finally, and just in case you were beginning to wonder whether Æþelruna had officially become a covers-only project, the debut album SAGA HWÆT IC HATTE will begin initial recordings in early August, 2015. 

I will be certain to post more information when I have it. 

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  • Valenten


    Very happy to see Æþelruna with me on that compilation ! I am also highly looking forward to that Forefather tribute compilation. V.

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