Demo 2013

New Aethelruna Demo Available for Free Download

After a long wait, a new two track demo is now available to download free of charge from the official Æþelruna BandCamp page. The first track evokes the conversion era in Anglo-Saxon England, taking inspiration from later Old Saxon sources; the second track is rooted in the modern Theodist tradition, being a rendition of the popular Weonde Song set to original music.

Both tracks were written and performed by Æþelruna, with lyrics for Þunor ƿeoha ðisne ealh by Swain Wodening, drum programming by Sam Wale, and mixing and mastering by Sam Wale Productions. Accompanying artwork by Richard Smythe.

Click here to go to the demo’s download page.


  • James


    In word, wow! I stumbled upon the demo while bampcamp strolling and fell heavily for it. Truely, I hope it gets the notice it deserves and I for one will be pushing it to others while waiting eagerly for a full length. Good luck and thank you.

  • Hagan


    Great demo. Bandcamp emailed an alert that new songs were posted and I had to check them out. Both demo tracks were well worth the wait. I've listened to Lindisfarena thousands of times across my devices and I will likely do the same with these. You do a really good job of capturing the times in these tracks. Mixing the Latin with the Germanic really made Lindisfarena real.

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