Demo Progress Update #1

This is likely the longest time it has taken any person to record a few tracks for a simple demo, however, life is full of distractions and some are more important than others. One huge distraction—a Masters dissertation on Anglo-Saxon heathenry—is now finally out of the way, which has given me more time to focus on Æþelruna and where the project is ultimately heading (although I am also actively seeking a publisher for the dissertation, as well as another).

Unfortunately, one of my three original tracks, as well as my cover of Forefather‘s Wudugast aren’t sounding the way I would like. They will likely take months for me to rearrange and get up to a standard I am happy with, therefore I have decided to focus on the remaining two in order to get this demo finished. The two tracks are:

1. …ond eallum ðæm unholdum ðe hiera geneatas
2. Þunor weoha ðisne ealh

The second track is almost entirely recorded, but the first needs a little more work. It is based around an Old Saxon baptismal vow:

End ec forsacho allum dioboles uuercum and uuordum, Thunaer ende Uuôden ende Saxnôte ende allum thêm unholdum thê hira genôtas sint.

[I renounce all of the Devil’s creations and words; Thunor, Woden, Saxnot, and all of their unholy companions.]

I translated this into the related language, Old English:

Ic forsæce eallum deofles weorcum ond wordum Þunor ond Woden ond Seaxneat ond eallum ðæm unholdum ðe hiera geneatas.

In order to capture the feel of Christian dominance, I wanted to incorporate a church organ, which, while about as historically accurate as an electric guitar is for the period in question, certainly creates the dread atmosphere necessary. In order to create this on a budget, I found a sample called 1850 Pipe Organ by Waves Factory that works through Kontakt. You can hear samples here.

I am also thinking of adding some specific sound effects, although just how to record these in a ‘foley’ fashion isn’t obvious. I may have to reconsider for the sake of my sanity.

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