The New Demo

It has been several years now since the release of On Modranihte in 2011 and since then Æþelruna has only made brief appearances on two compilations; the free-to-download, 27 track Burzum tribute, Forsvunnet Filosofem (Mirkwood/Wodfreca, 2012) and the limited Hwit Wyrm ofer Angelcynne (Wodfreca, 2013).

All four of these tracks are available for free at the Æþelruna Bandcamp page. Work on further releases has been an ongoing process, but many tracks have simply not come together in a way that suited the original intention. The 17 minute epic, Hengist ond Horsa—announced at least two years ago—requires extensive rewrites, particularly lyrically. For the time being, this track, along with several others, has been placed on hold until I work out the direction the debut ‘album’ will head in (I have some ideas!)

With the unfortunate but necessary demise of Wodfreca Records last year, there is now a need for Æþelruna to find a new record label through which to release future albums. In order to facilitate this, it was necessary to write a demo; a two to three track sampler of short pieces that exemplify what Æþelruna has to offer. Of the four tracks already recorded, two were cover tracks and thus unsuitable for a demo, and the other two were too long (around six or seven minutes each!), plus, they both had guest performances that would be unfair to suggest stemmed from my own creativity!

Therefore, it became necessary to write some new material. This was somewhat of a challenge as my natural writing style is to build a song over several gruelling minutes, which would be unsuitable for the style needed here. Two of these three tracks last between two to three minutes with the third having a more traditional Æþelruna structure (which is still heavily ‘cut’!)

The second of these tracks, Þunor Ƿeoha ðisne Ealh (Thunder, make sacred this temple), is based on the Weonde Gealdor, composed by Eric and Swain Wodening and recently revised by the latter when it was discovered some elements were grammatically incorrect. Although a melody has already been composed for this invocation (available in the White Marsh Theod Gealdorbook) and is popularly used in modern Anglo-Saxon heathenry (Theodism), my own idea to write a melody for this came to be nearly three years ago when a track I had seemed to fit perfectly. Gaining permission from Swain Wodening to use his text, you can hear an unfinished sample below:

The demo will be released free of charge for download only. I am hesitant to give a date since I have done so and failed to deliver so many times before. Hopefully you will hear from the example above that this will be a formidable set of tracks, and I am taking great care to do them justice. There may be a short video clip made for one track, but my ideas for this are, as yet, unclear.

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